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Episode 11: Et Fille Winemaker & Entrepreneur Jessica Mozeico

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Regina and Kerry have an intergenerational discussion with Et Fille owner Jessica Mozeico and her mother Mona, who is Japanese and was raised in Hawaii; along with my mother, Donna Jean McDaniel, who planted our family vineyard in 1972. Her hilarious and heartfelt stories of shooting the flare gun backwards, stringing guy wire for the vineyard rows all over the house and harvesting Pinot noir in 1970s clogs and a ponchos are epic. Our conversation suddenly gets to the heart of our cheers to change philosophy.

"I never experienced discrimination until I went to college," said Mona.

This statement resonates with Regina and she chimes in, "I didn't either."

Both agreed they were daddy's girls in a positive way and were raised to be strong, independent women by both parents. And they were also raised in communities that reflected themselves - Monda went to high school in Oahu with a large Japanese population and Regina attending Atlanta schools where white people were the exception, not the norm.

Then Regina shared the story of her roommate, a foreign exchange student from Sweden who was injured while they were peacefully protesting on Martin Luther King Day. Watch the episode for more of the story below:

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