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While they are preparing to host the Wine Sister's Vlog Show...

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Meanwhile, back in the wine world, while the Wine Sisters are preparing to launch, they go about their day jobs. Regina is working long hours reopening her store, servicing customers and hosting virtual tastings.

Kerry is managing marketing and media for the Dundee Wine Library, collaborating and building a brand with the owners at their boutique winery in the Dundee Hills AVA. When she's not shooting video's of the owner in the vineyard with their rescue tortoises, she's posting the latest protocol about how to visit the winery in the Covid Era and prepping tasting notes for the upcoming new release of Pinot Noir.

Regina is part of the Old Town Conyers Group which hosts a sit down food and wine pairing dinner event every year, until this year. See Regina in action in the 2018 video below.

And cheers to change!

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