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S. 2 Ep. 5: Page Knudsen and 50 years of Viticulture, Honoring Diversity & Launching Knudsen Label

Updated: May 25, 2021

An Interview with Page Knudsen, Managing Partner of

Dundee, Oregon's Knudsen Vineyards with

Special Guests Leslie Maske, Atlanta, Georgia's Ultimate Distributors

"Our belief is that in inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience — unity makes us stronger! Knudsen Vineyards proudly exemplifies that all are welcome here, " Knudsen Vineyards diversity statement.

Q and A from the Episode

Regina: "Any advice you have for women who have dreams and want to go forward with those dreams. Doesn't matter what age you are, you always have dreams until you don't?"

Kerry: "Any advice you have for women who have dreams of starting their own business and want to go forward with those dreams?"

The Knudsen Vineyards is an iconic vineyard in the heart of the acclaimed Dundee Hills AVA overlooking the fertile Willamette Valley, majestic Mt. Hood and the North Cascade Range. The Knudsen family has grown grapes and made wine here for 50 years. The vineyard was established in 1971 by Page Knudsen's parents, Cal and Julia Lee Knudsen, true pioneers of Oregon’s wine industry.

"Mom and Dad loved this place and derived great pleasure from sharing our grapes and wine with friends and family. As second generation stewards of Knudsen Vineyards, we embrace our family’s legacy and honor our parents by making great wine reflecting the unique attributes of our land." said Managing partner Page Knudsen, who guides the winery evolution along with her three brothers to produce premium estate-grown Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.

The family legacy is also connected to four Oregon wineries on their vineyard property - starting with her parents label, Knudsen-Erath in 1971, then the viticultural collaboration with Argyle in the mid-1980's, followed by Chateau St. Michelle's acquisition of the Erath label, and after this evolution, here she is opening a new tasting room and launching the Knudsen label.

Leslie Maske, representing the female-owned Ultimate Distributors, intersperses questions on terroir in this legendary wine brand story....

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