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Episode 13: Diversity wins with 1st U.S. VP Kamala Harris -Celebrating with Power Girl Pinot Gris!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Throughout the first season, we've filmed our episodes with the theme, "still she persisted", because that's just what we did, through a pandemic, race riots, hurricane winds, epic forest fires, skin cancer and in this episode, during a very contentious election period that ended with the first Vice President of the United States, the theme of today's episode.

We persisted because as young girls our parents empowered us, encouraged us to break through barriers and forge ahead in the wine industry despite our gender. Regina, the adorable baby on the left, now owns a wine store in Atlanta. Kerry, the precocious 7 year - old on the right, is posed with Pinot noir cuttings. Now she's a wine judge and brand consultant.

Kamala Harris, first female vice - president with a bi-racial background, striking a power pose that gave all girls and women in the United States hope for the future.

At Cheers to Change, we celebrated this historic step and paused to commemorate it's importance by raising a toast to all our sorority sisters and also honoring Harris, Regina's Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sister and Kerry's Kappa Alpha Theta sorority sister, trailblazer Elizabeth Chambers, first female general manager of Sylvan Ridge Winery at the young age of 24. Liz went on to found Elizabeth Chambers Cellars before passing away tragically in 2018.

Nevertheless, They Persisted: Women’s Voting Rights and the 19th Amendment

Episode 13 is a tribute to our founding motto: cheers to change and celebration of shattering more glass ceilings!


Our featured Wines today are:

The 2019 Pinot Gris remains a staple in the Silvan Ridge lineup of white wines.  Our signature crisp, dry, refreshing style is evident in this new release, which features bright cirus flavors and lively acidity with virtually no residual sugar.

Beautiful bright aromas of tropical fruit, fresh lime and honeysuckle flower mingle in the glass with a hint of struck flint. The palate continues with fresh lemon and lime zest followed by a touch of quince and wet stone, which leads into a vibrant lingering acidity.


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