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S.2 Ep. 7: Frichette Wines: Look at You Sashaying Like You Don’t Have a Care in the World.

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Content and label design by Shae Frichette.

"When you are holding a glass of Sashay, you don’t have a care. You are in the moment, creating a moment, and living in the now. Welcome to Sashay."

Sashay is a label in the Frichette Winery portfolio and is the mastermind of Shae Frichette, Assistant Winemaker, and Co-owner of Frichette Winery. Shae created this wine to offer a slightly different style of wine for Frichette, crafting a softer, more vibrant, and youthful wine from Red Mountain and Columbia Valley AVAs. Varietals used include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah. Shae also makes a Sashay Rose of Merlot.

Frichette Winery is a family-owned limited production winery crafting wines that showcase the best of the Red Mountain AVA. Their wines are available in our tasting room on Red Mountain, through our wine club and a handful of restaurants and specialty shops in the Pacific Northwest.

Owned by Greg & Shae Frichette, Greg is from Pasco, Shae from South Carolina. Both were living in Southern California when they met, married, and had their son Jayden. They wanted to move closer to family in either South Carolina or Washington. With a flip of a coin, the coin toss determined they would relocate to Washington. Both agreed when they moved, they wanted to create a business that would give them goosebumps. With a little research and cheerleading from friends, they decided to go into wine, opening their tasting room in 2013 and offering their first vintage of 2011 with 650 cases of wine. Today, Frichette is a 2000 case winery hosting events for wine club members and guests from all over the world.

The Red Mountain AVA is one of the most intriguing wine grape growing regions in the state of Washington. It’s a desert. It’s dry and relies on water from the Yakima River. This small region produces some of the most sought after wine grapes in the state. The wine grapes from Red Mountain are used to produce insanely intense and fruit-driven red wines with lots of tannin. Find out where this premier wine region gets its name and learn about some of its most notable vineyards.

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